LiquidSky Technologies Announces Electric & Hybrid Vehicle
Battery Fire Prevention and Supression Patent

LiquidSky Technologies, Inc has a patent pending for an "Active Fire suppression system for Liquid Thermally Managed battery systems"

We expect to shortly introduce an additive for your batteries "cooling" system that mixes with the glycol/water "anti-freeze" used in many Electric Vehicles, such as the Tesla Model S, and others, including certain hybrids.

This additive adds active fire suppression properties to the "anti-freeze" mixture. Should a battery or batteries catch fire, and the flame touches the treated "anti-freeze", It will release compounds that prohibit fires from burning.

We expect that this will instantly stop the spread and/or enlargement of any fire, preventing a total loss of the vehicle as currently occurs.

We further expect that, based on our initial discussions, certain auto insurers may potentially absorb the cost of the additive thru premium reductions due the elimination of battery fire risk. We estimate the cost to be between $150 and $250 a vehicle.

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